Perkins Family Park and Memorial Inc. Land Initiative

The Perkins Family committee has reached many goals, and accomplishments over the past few years regarding the future of the Perkins Family. As of now, the Perkins Family Park and Memorial, founded by our great-great grandfather, William “Bill” Perkins is now a non-profit organization stamped and approved by the state of Arkansas. With these big accomplishments, come bigger initiatives that the Perkins Family committee has planned to reach, but can not be done without the help of every single member of the Perkins Family.

To bring the 40 acres of land that we know as the “Perkins Park” into the 21 century, it must be radically transformed. As apart of the park and memorial land initiative, we want to completely update the park as we know now. Our plans include the construction of  restrooms and water accessibility. We are planning to have a septic system installed, and more of the land cleared to expand the Perkins cemetery.

IMG_3018                 IMG_3019

All of the exciting new things that the committee has planned to do, can not be done with out the help of each  and every one of you. Your pledges and donations are imperative to making this initiative a success. If you would like to download the Perkins Park and Memorial Inc. pledge sheet, and send in your pledge/donation click here to download and print. If you would like to donate online, click the donate button below.

We thank you for all the support, and we hope that we can make this initiative come to life.

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